From our pasture to your plate: Enjoy BJ Ranch Beef

BJ Ranch cattle have a long line of quality genetics to ensure you get top quality beef.  Farm Manager, Tom Lercher, takes it upon himself to see that each animal is well cared for on the ranch.  Our cattle are raised on nutrient rich pasture grasses and background using grass/hay along with grain to ensure the tastiest quality of beef our customers demand.  Growth Hormones and antibiotics are never used.   We currently sell beef by the 1/4;  the 1/2; or Whole carcass "hanging" weight.  Which is explained here.    You will work directly with our meat processor to select the cuts and quantity of each for your family's needs.  

For anyone who currently might not have enough freezer space for a 1/4 beef (approximately 125 lbs.), or a 1/2 beef (approximately 250 lbs.), you can get a smaller portion from our freezer with a minimum order of $100. Just email us at and please leave your phone # so we can tell you what we currently have in our freezer and set up a time for you to come by. See our beef freezer prices here

Ranch History:  BJ Ranch is not just about beef!  It's about Family.  It's about public trails & camping. Learn the history of the BJ.  Why BJ?  For a bit more understanding about just who we are and where your beef comes from click HERE.